Start Up

A violin and bow are required for lessons. Children smaller than a grown adult will need a smaller instrument. Violins come in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full size.

Violins and bows can be sized and purchased or rented monthly from Riedstras Violin Shop. This local shop is run by Henry and Linda Riedstra, and is available for walk in appointments from their retail space in Kitchener or call ahead appointments from their home in Stratford.

Violins range considerably in price, but a good 1/2 size starter will be around $300-500 to purchase and a full size starter will be about $500-$900.

Please DO NOT purchase instruments off kijiji or ebay etc. These instruments are in various states of repair and there is no guarantee they are playable without putting more money into them.

Books to start are about $25. These will last for a year and probably more. As the student progresses there will be further books to purchase. I have starting books in stock so you can purchase directly from me.

Fee Schedule

Adult students generally appreciate more flexibility with lesson scheduling and I am happy to accommodate. Rate is $27 for 30 minutes, pay as you go.

Children entering the program begin with a 30 minute weekly lesson, plus bi-weekly group classes. Fees for the entire year are averaged and divided into 9 equal (Sept – May) monthly payments.  These payments are due every month regardless of the number of weeks in a month, or any missed lessons.  Every effort is made to reschedule lessons missed due to illness or travel etc.

Sibling discount: one or more siblings flat rate of $100 per month

30 Min Lesson
30 lessons @$27810
12 group lessons @$15180
2 recital fees @$2040
1 pianist fee @$2020
Divided by 9 months$116.66monthly payments

45 Min Lesson
30 lessons @$401200
12 group lessons @$15180
2 recital fees @$2040
1 pianist fee @$2020
Divided by 9 months$160 monthly payments

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